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Co-founders Catherine and Don Leathers ND, share the vision of creating a wellness center in this beautiful landscape. Both have vast backgrounds in alternative medicine and internal arts.


By offering a variety of therapies and practices, their intent is to create an opportunity to integrate the heart-soul with body-mind.


Their philosophy was influenced by a system of knowledge passed from a Tibetan lineage. The essence of those teachings is that the vital life energy has an innate wisdom that governs all life. By listening and following this life energy, an inner confidence is cultivated that guides right action, trust, and full engagement. This core awareness was the catalyst for the creation of the wellness center.

Phoenix Rising Center offers classes and individual client services that will both delight the heart and cultivate well-being. The Center has been educating and inspiring our community for over two decades.

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Catherine Leathers
Fire Puja and Soul Process Facilitator

Catherine is a soul scientist who has mediated daily over the past 40 years. Her ongoing study comes from knowledge passed on though a lineage of Masters who impart energetic principles of living in harmony with all life. Her ongoing exploration rises from a life long intention to bring relief from unnecessary suffering and that each person can experience true freedom and joy of their soul self as it comes to light in this creation. 



Don Leathers, ND

Certified Sheng Zhen Meditation Instructor

In 1998, Dr. Don Leathers ND met Master Li Junfeng and started to study Sheng Zhen Meditation. He has become a Certified Teacher and is on the Board of the Sheng Zhen Society of Americas, as well as is the Director of the international teacher’s training program. Sheng Zhen Meditation is now the main focus for his ongoing classes. He has been teaching for 35 years.


Lisa DeRees

Certified Sheng Zhen Meditation Instructor 

Lisa De Rees is a a certified Sheng Zhen Meditation Teacher since 2006. She was first introduced to Sheng Zhen Meditations, quite by accident to physically heal from an injury. The forms opened her heart in need of support and a yearning to learn more about the greater mysteries of life.


Drew Roots

Baqua, Martial Arts, Meditation, QiGong and Taichi Instructor

Drew’s teaching style is an intuitive mix of practicality, grounding, humor, and mysticism incorporated into your best learning style, be it visual, auditory, or kinesthetic. He is constantly learning and improving his client experience. Please go to his website at for more information.


Dhyana Greene

Tai Qi, Kung Fu and Sheng Zhen Meditation Instructor

Dhyana Greene has been studying external and internal arts since 1988. She has studied Isshinryu and other Karate styles, Aikido, Judo and Wing Chun in the external styles. In the internal styles she has studied Yang, Wu, Sun, and Tibetan styles of Taiqi, Buaqua, Hsing-I and the TiAiki system of internal arts. She has most recently been studying under Si-Ting Donald Leathers, ND and Grand Master Ron Lew.


Merry Palmer

Sheng Zhen Meditation Instructor

Merry Palmer has trained with Master Li for the past 10 years. She inspires her students to explore new horizons in Sheng Zhen Meditation during in her weekly class in Blanding, Utah.


Judith Lee 

Tibetan Taiqi and Sheng Zhen Meditation Instructor

Judith began teaching Tibetan Taiqi and Qigong in 1999 with Dr. Leathers, ND. She has studied with Sheng Zhen Meditation with Master Li Jun Feng since 1998 and Grand Master Lopon Siting Ron Lew of the Tiaiki system since 1999.


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