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Fire Puja

By simply watching a fire puja is one of the most powerful spiritual practices one can do.  This ancient Vedic ceremony will bring a centering resonance into your life as it clears disquieted energy restoring positive vibrations that manifests blessings of every kind.


The smoke created from the sacred fire has healing energy that purifies the atmosphere and brings peaceful vibrations to uplift all beings in Creation. Even damaging effects of natural catastrophes can be reduced through fire pujas.


Weather permitting, these are ongoing monthly fire pujas are hosted by community members during the days of the full or new moon.


Phone: 435-259-8123 

“Seeing the fire with our two eyes gives us a huge benefit. When you watch the fire you are sucking that energy through your eyes. You are getting the benefit and it is going to your heart, which means going to your soul.”  — Sri Kaleshwar

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