Catherine and Don Leathers, ND


In 1998, Co-founders Catherine and Don shared a vision of creating a wellness center in the beautiful landscape of Southern Utah. Both have vast backgrounds in alternative medicine and internal arts. 

Their philosophy was influenced by a system of knowledge passed from a Tibetan lineage. The essence of those teachings is that the vital life energy has an innate wisdom that governs all life that can be cultivated to guide right action, trust, and full engagement.


Phoenix Rising Center offers classes and individual client services that will delight the heart and cultivate well-being.

Meditation is a core aspect of our classes. Sheng Zhen Meditation offers 18 moving and non moving forms that open the heart and still the mind so one can experience unconditional love and the source of that love. 


The second type of mediations engage mantras (sacred sounds) and yantras (sacred symbols) to access high vibrational energy cultivating the ability to move through life's struggles with equipoise. 

Peace Circles is a lead mediation process that cultivates deep inner truth and clarity that fosters the ability to remain calm and detached from external chaos, allowing for a different reality to manifest.


The Center has been educating and inspiring our community for over two decades, and has grown to a potent community of Taiqi, Qigong, and mediation teachers who each have their own style and flavor and some have private practices as well.


The Phoenix is a mythological bird that symbolizes change, transformation, and evolution. The word Rising reflects the life energy and the innate wisdom becoming foremost in our consciousness.