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Kanaka Durga 
Peace Circles
Create a foundation for peace within yourself, your life and intentions for others.


Peace Circles is a healing system that effortlessly unravels false identity of the ego and diminishes its capacity to hold onto fear, hopelessness, and self-doubt. Peace is our natural state of being and when we feel blocked from this state we are believing false ideas about ourselves, taking life personally, and projecting this confusion outwardly effecting others. 


Through a precise mediation process engaging mantras or vibrational sounds of creation and from a direct transmission of Shakti (energy) from creations source, we are given access to the silent knowledge that rests in every soul. This knowledge cultivates inner stillness and fosters the understanding of universal oneness and clarity that embodies perfect peace.


The Peace Circle process does offer private one on one healing sessions.



Phone: 435-259-8123

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