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Dhyana Greene

Tai Qi, Kung Fu and Sheng Zhen Meditation Instructor

Dhyana Greene has been studying external and internal arts since 1988. She has studied Isshinryu and other Karate styles, Aikido, Judo and Wing Chun in the external styles. In the internal styles she has studied Yang, Wu, Sun, and Tibetan styles of Taiqi, Buaqua, Hsing-I and the TiAiki system of internal arts. She has most recently been studying under Si-Ting Donald Leathers, ND and Grand Master Ron Lew.

Dhyana has also invested herself in the study of Qigong. She has been studying Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong from Master Li Jun Feng and Donald Leathers, ND since 2004. Along with this Qigong study she has been studying qigong healing since 2007 and some other related energy healing arts. She is also a member of the Moab Taiko Dan since 2014.

Dhyana has been teaching Karate, Self Defense and the Internal arts since 1990. She currently teaches children’s self defense at the Moab Charter School and at the Helen M. Knight Intermediate School. Dhyana is also teaching Taiqi, Internal martial arts, Nei Gong and other martial arts to adults in Moab, Utah.

Since 2001, Dhyana has also been teaching Devapatha, a dance form combining sacred and energetic movement derived from Yogic, Persian and cultural dance forms.

Phone: 435-259-2314

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