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Holy Womb Process

The Womb Chakra is the most beautiful sacred temple. It is a place of the highest clarity and is also the mirror of our reactions. This energy center, found in both men and women, is the source of our creation power. When this chakra is purified and strengthened, we can transform our relationships, and fully engage life with celebration and gratitude. 

90% of the world is suffering from heartbreak. Many of us have lost clarity to lead a happy fulfilled life expressing our essential nature. Purifying the womb Charka is one of the most powerful healing tools available.


Learn Techniques to:

  • Heal heartbreak and past relationships

  • Heal physical and emotional pain and illness

  • Bloom successful, happy relationships 

  • Help our children and teenagers be balanced

  • Bring strength and clarity into our lives



Phone: 435-259-8123 

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