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Lisa DeRees

Certified Sheng Zhen Meditation Instructor

Lisa De Rees has been a certified Sheng Zhen Meditation Teacher since 2006. She was first introduced to Sheng Zhen Meditations, quite by accident to physically heal from an injury. The forms opened her heart in need of support and a yearning to learn more about the greater mysteries of life. Studying the forms and philosophy of Sheng Zhen since 1998, her physical body recovered quickly. She's attended several teacher trainings for certification, sharing the gift of self healing with the community, through unconditional love; the sacred truth of Sheng Zhen. To learn more about the practice please visit:


"A real Sheng Zhen teacher is the one who "teaches" by embodying the spirit of practice and Lisa is one of such teacher. The exquisite beauty and flow of her movements, the words that she utters during the class, the radiance in her eyes, the joy and love expressed for SZ are all the ways in which she transmits the essence of this practice to her students. If one wants a real transformation one should just sit in her class with his heart open and the magic takes place."

—Tanea Walton, Moab, Utah


Phone: 435-260-9678

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