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Datta Kryia

The Datta Kryia Process is a 6 month initiatory journey that connects to the entire cycle of of creation. The long-standing attachments and confusion of the ego-mind are purified so the consciousness and grace of the G.O.D. energy, (Generator, Operator and Distroyer), can flow in ones life. It is a rebirth. You become a channel for healing and for elevating global consciousness. During the process you will receive initiation, instruction and support.


Phone: 435-259-8123 

"Datta Kryia quite literally changed my life. I kept saying "I feel like a different person", but now I know, after fighting the battle inside, this "different person" is simply more of my deepest, truest nature - the love from which I was created and always meant to live. I know this channel will be a ripple effect for my self, my family, and everyone I meet." — C.S.

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