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Meditation is the Mother that gives birth to all things.

Meditation teaches us about the universe, about life, and how to co-create from a place of unity consciousness. It trains the mind to listen to the source energy that unites the heart, mind, and soul.
It cultivates the truth of who we are.


We teach different types of meditation which is a component in all of our classes. We offer several types of non-moving forms that still the mind, open the heart, and increase the exchange of qi. There are standing, sitting, and lying down postures that raise unity consciousness.


Sheng Zhen Meditation

Taiaki Internal Arts Classes are for martial arts training.

They are built on principals found in Taiqi, Baqua, and Qigong. The intent is to simplify movement and increase efficiency and effectiveness. 

Taiaki Internal Arts Classes

Taiqi, Baqua, Qigong and Kung Fu

Martial arts training is built on the internal arts principles found in Taiqi, Baqua, and Qigong. Our classes weave these principles into many other martial arts styles such as Hapkido, Aikido, Kung Fu, Issinryhu, Askrima, Jujitsi, and Taekwondo. The intent is to simplify movement and increase efficiency and effectiveness.

These classes contain work in Qigong, meditation, sensing qi, working with and applying qi, and form concentration. Classes also include work in healing arts. These classes require some previous training in an internal arts such as Taiqi, Bagua, or Qigong for the basic foundation and language understanding. All ages are accepted. Classes are two hours long and run in eight week sessions. There is usually one week between sessions and the classes run through the year.

Children's Classes

See Dhyana Green with Devapath Internal Arts School for information 

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