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Healing at the Phoenix Rising Center is based on empowering the individual through education and self-awareness. Client sessions are wholistic in nature as we offer over fifty years of combined experience as educators and healthcare professionals.


The tools we use are varied depending upon the client profile and their health needs. They can include bodywork such as movement and body awareness, Ortho-Bionomy®, Qigong hands on healing, mobilization therapy, massage therapy, cranial therapy and Sai Shakti healing. Other tools are homeopathic medicine, herbal formulas, guidance on diet and nutrition and lifestyle counseling.


Self-responsibility is of key importance in both the client and the practitioner in order to optimize the healing process. We ask for a commitment of time and a willingness to do one’s best. The center promotes healing through the curiosity of human potential and love. Support, guidance, encouragement, and belief in the individual are the center’s assets.

Naturopathic Medicine



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