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Don Leathers, ND

Certified Sheng Zhen Meditation Instructor

In 1998, Dr. Don Leathers ND met Master Li Junfeng and started to study Sheng Zhen Meditation. He has become a Certified Teacher and is on the Board of the Sheng Zhen Society of Americas, as well as is the Director of the international teacher’s training program. Sheng Zhen Meditation is now the main focus for his ongoing classes. He has been teaching for 35 years.


Don has always had an interest in physical health, well-being and sports. In his hometate of Pennsylvania, he began a 45 year study in the martial arts of Issynrhu karate and Hapkido and in the internal arts of Taiqi, Baqua, Shing-I, Aikido and Qigong. He has had three significant teachers, Dr. Lilly Siou, Master Larry Eshelman and Master Ron Lew. This wealth of training in both internal arts and martial arts, has given Don huge insight as a teacher to which he has directly passed onto key students who are teaching this today.


In 1986, Don left his career as a mining engineer and went back to school to study naturopathic medicine at National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. On graduating in 1990, he went into private practice as a Naturopathic Doctor.

Don has been practicing medicine for 29 years and teaching for 35 years. He presently resides in Moab, Utah and has co-founded the Phoenix Rising Center with his wife, Catherine Leathers.    


Both Donald T. Leathers, ND and Lisa DeRees are certified Sheng Zhen Meditation Teachers. Donald has been teaching for 20 years and Lisa for 16 years. Together they give seminars in this beautiful practice to help open your heart.


Phone: 435-259-8123

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